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MG Executive Travel provides a professional and reliable Business Travel Chauffeur Service to CEO’s, Board Members, Senior Management, Barristers, Solicitors and Executives.

Making The Right First Impressions

Making the right first impression is vital in the world of business. You take the time to present yourself in a profession manner each time you set foot in the board room, or meet with clients. Now you can ensure the same gold standard of professionalism you have set for yourself will apply when you make your business travel arrangements.

With chauffeur hire from MG Executive Travel, you are choosing to arrive in style: making those crucial first impressions count, and letting the luxury of a Mercedes E Class set the tone for the rest of the day. And, when you arrive – feeling refreshed and relaxed from a journey taken in comfort – you will be focused and ready to take on all of the challenges that the day may bring.

Exceptional Chauffeur Hire Service

Our vehicles provide ample space for you to travel with up to three of your clients or colleagues, enabling you to make the best use of your time when the job demands it – even when you are away from the office. In the modern workplace, we recognise that your time is at a premium. Our driver discretion is second to none, and provides you with a secure and private working environment that even a business class seat on public transport could never hope to provide. Your business travel can become the ideal working environment: enabling you to stay connected and easy to contact throughout the day – wherever you may be.

Your chauffeur hire service organises your day’s travel around the times that best suit your schedule. You can enjoy a door-to-door service that frees you from the timetables, constraints and the missed connections of public transport. Every one of our routes is individually planned by experts with a thorough knowledge of the surrounding area and your destination. Our chauffeurs all use satellite navigation systems which include live traffic updates that suggest alternative routes to avoid long delays.

Corporate Traveller

Expert Business Travel

When you have a full schedule and multiple deadlines to meet, our complete service means that you will have a chauffeur-driven vehicle standing by when you need it: ready and waiting to carry you from one appointment to the next. And, when your final engagement is complete, your driver brings you back to either your home, or the office, for a relaxed end to a busy day.

For comfort and peace of mind in all of your professional travel arrangements, there is no better solution than MG Executive Travel.

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